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Introduction - What ShinyStat is about

What is ShinyStat

 ShinyStat Free  ShinyStat Pro  ShinyStat Business
About the ShinyStat Service
ShinyStat is the "browser based" system which allows you to measure any access to your Web site in real time.

Differently from other traditional Log Analizers, ShinyStat:

- does not require the installation of additional softwares;
- avoids data overcharging on servers, normally due to the archive and analysis of data from the log files;
- uses BBM technology, which allows you to identify the visitor’s browser univocally;
- is a real-time tool.

To install ShinyStat, simply enter the specific HTML code into the pages you need to analyse.

ShinyStat Pro and ShinyStat Business are valid for one year after the activation date.
Every month, during the length of the service, the user will be able to use a set number of page views per month as agreed in the subscription contract.
Once the number of pages has exceeded, ShinyStat will not measure any more data. The service will start again at the beginning of the next month.

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